C/BOOKS® -- Order Entry Module
The Conetic Software Systems the C/BOOKS® Order Entry module is designed to provide a method for filling and shipping orders according to inventory availability. It performs an extremely valuable function by providing a direct link with the Accounts Receivable and Inventory modules. On-line query of any account or data item field can be made to obtain information on the status of an order and whether a shipment is on hand, back ordered, or committed.

Screen Shots:

Order Entry Form: Orders are entered on an order form. The form includes customer information, product specifications, shipping information, and billing terms. An unlimited number of detail lines (items ordered) are available on each order. Order Entry works with the Accounts Receivable system by collecting all the information necessary for creation of an invoice.

Order Status: An order may be opened at one time and completed later. Income and sales are realized only after the order has been shipped and billed. If there is a shortage of inventory, a partial shipment can be made to complete as much of the order as possible. Orders can be filled either manually or by computer. Order Entry prints the packing slip for shipment.

Reports: There are a variety of reports available in the Order Entry module which allow sales evaluations to be made quickly and easily. Reports can be printed listing all orders shipped with a comparison of requested and actual ship dates, salesperson commissions, gross margin by item, and back orders by product.

The C/BOOKS® Order Entry module shares the customer file with the Accounts Receivable module and the inventory item file with the Inventory Control module. All the customer information in Accounts Receivable and the product information in Inventory can be viewed without leaving the Order Entry module.

Powerful features include:
  • Multi-company capability
  • Fixed price or individual customer price lists
  • Unlimited number of line items per order/invoice
  • Invoice posting automatically handles general ledger distributions of inventory, sales, and cost of goods sold
  • Reprint Orders at any time
  • Reprint invoices at any time
  • Prints Pick List
  • Sales Order/Invoice Register
  • Unlimited ship-to addresses for each customer
  • Sales taxes calculated
  • Backorders tracked for fulfillment.
  • Fully interfaced with Accounts Receivable Module
  • Fully interfaced with General Ledger Module
  • Invoice Quick Print Process - immediately after inputting invoice record
  • Real-Time Posting. Invoice is stored immediately!
  • Order Entry - fully interfaced with the Order Entry module.
  • Inventory - fully interfaced with the Inventory module.
  • Digital paper images can be drilled, displayed and printed from most HTML reports
    (Scanner, archive, print, and email paper documents).
  • Memo/notes system - allows the documentation of Orders,Customer, etc....
  • Fully customizable via C/Base 4GL Application Development tools
  • Source code - for all reports is available at no extra charge.