The Conetic Software Systems Accounts Payable module is designed to manage a company's entire account payable process. It is an accrual system with a complete vendor master file. Accounts Payable can assist in the management of cash by scheduling payment dates and by keeping track of vendor payment terms - taking discounts that apply.

Screen Shots:

Vendor Accounts: Each vendor is assigned a 15 digit alphanumeric code and is entered into the system only one time.

Bills /Invoices: Bills and invoices are entered in Accounts Payable as vouchers. The vouchers are coded to the proper account in the General ledger, to the appropriate inventory item in Inventory, to the relevant asset item in Fixed Assets or job activity in Job Costing. A voucher can be disbursed to any module and no limit is set on the number of distributions for a single voucher.

Payments and Check Printing: Vouchers can be paid by either system generated or manually written checks. A voucher can be paid in part or in full. The Accounts Payable system will keep the balance open until the voucher is paid or a debit memo is issued to eliminate the balance. System and manual checks, and the information required to produce bank reconciliations are recorded. The Accounts Payable module prints checks in standard check format. Forms for the checks are available from a national supplier.

A variety of reports are available in the Accounts Payable module: a listing of all vendors and their current balances, selected vouchers subtotaled by vendor, vouchers selected for payment, aging and cash requirements, and a list of system generated and manual checks.

Powerful features include:
  • Multi-company capability
  • User-defined aging periods
  • User-defined payment/discount terms
  • Multiple A/P and cash accounts
  • Aging by voucher date or due date (end-user defined)
  • Misc Quick check - One-time vendor/checks entry
  • Inventory Cost Variances Report
  • Manual Checks
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Recurring vouchers
  • Aged AP Detailed and summary reports
  • G/L Transaction Register (show detail GL activity by account)
  • Job Costing interface - allows vouchers to be charge to jobs and tasks.
  • Inventory interface - allows voucher to increase and decrease inventory qty's.
  • Vouchers By Vendor Detail and Summary report
  • Check register report
  • Checks By Payee report
  • Memo/Notes System - allows the documentation of vendor issues. Notes can be attached to a voucher, vendor, etc...
  • Quick Voucher Selection process; allows the end-user to quickly select indivdual vouchers to be paid
  • Grahpic Purchases by each vendor for period report
  • Graphic Purchases by each vendor for year report
  • Graphic Vendor Aging report
  • Graphic Purchases by period
  • Graphic Purchases by period with two year comparative report
  • Graphic Average Days to Pay by month report
  • Graphic Average Days to Pay by month two year comparative report
  • Digital paper images can be drilled, displayed and printed from most HTML reports.
  • Fully customizable via C/Base 4GL Application Development tools
  • Source code - for all reports is available at no extra charge.