The C/BOOKS® Order Entry module is integrated with both the Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control modules. All customer information in Accounts Receivable and product information in Inventory can be viewed without leaving the Order Entry module.

Screen Shots:
Item File: Each inventory item is given a code of one to 15 alphanumeric characters and assigned an item category for subtotaling. The only limit on the number of items is disk space.

Inventory Cost: Cost is a major concern in controlling inventory. C/BOOKS values inventory using the average cost method.

Item Pricing: Pricing for inventory items is often complex as it may vary by quantity or by individual customer terms. The Inventory Control module supports three pricing methods: item price (without discounts or quantity breaks); item price with discounts and quantity price breaks; and item price based on specified individual customer terms and discounts. Quantity and customer pricing structures are flexible and can vary for every item in inventory. Inventory items may be repriced automatically based on user defined margins.

Reports: A variety of reports are available in the Inventory Control module. Reports can be printed listing all items in the master file, product categories and current selling prices, inventory activity showing units purchased and sold, or re-order points and quantities.The Inventory Control module allows interactive entry, editing, and posting of inventory transactions to the other C/BOOKS modules.

Powerful features include:
  • Multi-company capability
  • Flexible pricing module (Support three methods)
  • Automatic product repricing
  • Default general ledger accounts for all or each product
  • Default Re-order units (used by the PO module)
  • Average Costing methods of inventory valuation
  • Fully Interfaced with the Accounts Payable Module
  • Fully Interfaced with the Purchase Order Module (Creates PO's to refill inventory)
  • Multi-year Inventory Balance History provided by product by year
  • Posting of transactions automatically produces audit trail
  • Post to general ledger reflexing proper distribution of cost.
  • Detailed and summary General Ledger Register reports
  • Memo/notes system - allows the documentation of adjustments, etc....
  • Fully customizable via C/Base 4GL Application Development tools
  • Source code - for all reports is available at no extra charge.