C/BOOKS® consist of nine easy to use, fully integrated accounting modules.

C/Books® comes ready to work with rock solid double entry accounting frame work. With over 25 years of refinement thru real life experience. All modules of C/BOOKS® are designed to interact.

For example, information entered into Accounts Payable automatically updates inventory balances and the direct material costs of a job tracked within the Job Costing module. In addition, accounts in the General Ledger are automatically updated.

Easily Customized to adapt to your business.

C/BOOKS® can be easily customized to meet a company's special needs. Since C/Books was built using C/BASE™4GL application generation system, you too can use C/Base to change C/Books modules -- chaning file structure, report formats / layouts, and data input screens. Also, new applications can be created with C/BASE 4GL, and linked to our existing modules. For the advanced developer we even provide C and ActiveX libraries.

Easy to learn.
C/BOOKS® is menu-driven and employs function keys to perform special tasks. The design of menus, forms, and functions assigned to keys are consistent throughout C/BOOKS®. The menus are single-level, clear, and straight-forward.

Easy to use.
You don't have to learn a new way of doing business in order to use C/BOOKS®. C/BOOKS® is simple. Information is entered by filling in forms which look like those used in manual accounting systems. This task is easy because the program does so much of the work for you. You can find the information you need quickly and efficiently. On line "query" of any account, screen, or data field can be made using closest match, partial, or wild card searches. And because records are updated in real time, vital financial management information is always current.

No limits.
There are no artificial limits within the software. The number of accounts, customers, vendors, or transactions are limited only by the hardware and operating sytem. Each module has flexible account number formats of up to fifteen characters using any combination of letters and numbers. Any account, transaction, customer, vendor, or inventory item can be added or updated at any time.

One entry updates all related modules. All modules of C/BOOKS® are designed to interact. For example, information entered into Accounts Payable automatically updates inventory balances and the direct material costs of a job tracked within the Job Costing module. In addition, accounts in the General Ledger are automatically updated. A complete audit trail is a by-product.

C/BOOKS® can do everything a basic accounting system can do. All C/BOOKS® accounting procedures conform to standard accounting practices. Payable and payroll checks, invoices, statements and credit memos, order forms and packing slips are produced in the system according to standard formats. Forms are available for your company through a national supplier.Because C/BOOKS® is modular, a company can purchase the entire system or only the modules needed. The core modules (General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable) are provided as a set and are required by all businesses. As businesses grow and change over time, their accounting systems often need to be changed to better reflect their operations. By using C/BASE 4GL, owners can appropriately modify their C/BOOKS® modules to meet changing accounting and reporting requirements.

C/BOOKS runs on many computers. Developed under the UNIX operating system, C/BOOKS® software also runs under various versions of Windows, Linux, SOLARIS, Apple OSX and AIX. C/BOOKS® enhancements can be ported between machines and operating systems. This means that your accounting files can be transferred (without re-keying data) to other hardware as your business grows and hardware requirements change. C/BOOKS UTILITIES

Accounting software designed to transparently interact between modules.

Whether your processing an order, or needing to adjust inventory for damaged goods - C/Books unique "posting engine" supports cross module transaction posting. In most cases the posting process is totally transparent to the users.

Transaction history maintained as long as you want! Unlike other systems, the orginial transaction records are ALWAYS available. This allows the availablity of a complete audit trail. Not until you descide to purge the transactions, are the detail records ever removed. In most cases Conetic customer wait 10's of years prior to ever purging transaction history. Historical data can be tremendously valuable.

Simple export to Excel and Word! Call HTML style reports have a button to export the report to Excel or Word. Just click it! Next thing you know Excel has been loaded with your report.

Ability to CLOSE and REOPEN accounting periods.

Too often accounting staff is rushed to close the current accounting period. The typical result is missed adjustments, and poor reconciliations. Say good bye to thoose late nights and long week ends. C/Books allows the books to be "closed", and in the event you find an issue -- you can simply "re-open" the closed period; make your correction, then reclose. That's it....

No need to CLOSE current period prior to starting a new month!

C/Books allows the end-users to process a new period/months transactions prior to closing last month. How - user definable accounting periods. The transaction date is key in determining the accounting period in which the activity will be records.

Example: Period 9 for 2011 - defined as 09/30/11, and period for 10 for 2011 -- defined as 10/31/11. Which means that any transaction between 10/1/11 and 10/31/11 will be recorded in period 10 of year 2011.

C/BASE™4GL is a powerful data base and application generation system designed to help companies customize their C/BOOKS® accounting modules and develop database applications.

Visually oriented system: Applications can be developed by individuals with little or no programming experience because C/BASE™4GL like C/BOOKS® is an interactive visually driven menu system which presents programming choices in clear, everyday language. For experienced data processing specialists, C/BASE 4GL has sophisticated utilities which are powerful application tools for working beyond the limitations of menu-driven programming systems.

Complete: C/BASE™4GL is a complete relational data base management and application generation system containing all the key elements needed for building applications - tools for data entry and query forms, generating reports, and sophisticated user menus.

Flexible: Advanced relational functions are supported so data can be manipulated and viewed in any way defined by the user. A user can access the data base using terminal function keys to query and find, add, delete and update records. The data base system permits multi-file operations to be accomplished with ease.

Cost Effective:
As a fourth generation application generation system, C/BASE™4GL allows applications programs to be developed more quickly and efficiently than with third generation programming systems. Applications can be produced which previously were considered impossible due to time and money constraints.

Fully Portable:
C/BASE™4GL is fully portable between computer systems. Applications developed on one computer system can be ported (or moved) to other systems without having to re-key the data files.

C/BOOKS® is extremely flexible and can be easily modified using C/BASE™4GL. However, when a company requires more extensive modifications utilizing C Code, Conetic Software Systems makes available C/BOOKS® Utilities to assist programmers who need to make these changes. C/BOOKS® Utilities is intended to be an intermediate level between C/BOOKS as distributed and C/BOOKS® Source Code modifications. C/BOOKS® Utilities include the C/BOOKS® programming object library, the object code for all specially modified versions of form used by C/BOOKS®, and C/BOOKS® internals documentation. C/BOOKS® Utilities always requires the use of C/BASE™4GL Utilities.