On Line Help Documents

List of Documents:
Commands & C Function: This section describes commands that are stored in the directory "/usr/cbase/bin". To make these commands accessible, change the PATH shell variable to the following:
C/Base ™ Reference Manual: This manual provides reference material on C/Base software. A tutorial approach was used in the Tutorial manual to introduce the user to the main aspects of C/Base, such as creating RMSfiles, formfiles, reportfiles, and menus, as well as data entry and manipulation with the toolkit command.
C/Base ™ Utilities Manual (C API): This manual describes the software available in the C/Base Utilities package. With the C/Base Utilities package, you may program in the C language to access and enhance applications built with C/Base.
C/Base ™ Tutorial Manual: This manual provides an introduction to C/Base, using an application called the Demonstration Subscription System to acquaint you with the software.
GL/AR/AP: This manual covers General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable.
FA/PR/JC: This manual covers the following modules, Fixed Asset, Pay Roll, and Job Costing.
PO/OE/IN: This manual covers the following moduels, Purchase Order, Order Entry, and Inventory.
C/BASE 4GL Objects For C++ was developed to simplify the use of C/Base’s wide array of C functions and libraries.