1.1 Introduction

This manual provides reference material on C/Base software. A tutorial approach was used in the Tutorial manual to introduce the user to the main aspects of C/Base, such as creating RMSfiles, formfiles, reportfiles, and menus, as well as data entry and manipulation with the toolkit command.

The chapters in this manual provide more in-depth explanations of:

gifs/20000000.gif Creating RMSfiles

gifs/20000000.gif Creating and using formfiles

gifs/20000000.gif Creating and maintaining reportfiles

gifs/20000000.gif Creating and maintaining menus

gifs/20000000.gif Creating terminal/monitor definitions

gifs/20000000.gif Implementing special features within formfiles

gifs/20000000.gif Writing text reports in the report writer programming language

Also included is a chapter devoted to a synopsis of the many programs which together make up C/Base. Appendices in this manual include both a quick reference guide and a listing of reserved words.